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Bringing skills from the battlefield to the labor market.

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Service members use military occupation codes and specialities to quickly communicate capabilities and areas of expertise. This language is often foreign to the civilian labor market.

Warrior is designed to bridge this important skills gap by translating MOC/MOS codes into familiar occupations and collections of ranked, descriptive skill elements aligned with the civilian labor market. Identify relevant careers, incorporate related work activities into resumes and identify essential soft skills that clearly communicate soldier capabilities to hiring managers.

✔︎ Convert Military Codes to Civilian

Traditional military to civilian crosswalks only provide related occupations and often have gaps. Warrior is built on the most comprehensive crosswalk ever created and goes well beyond SOCs. Convert military codes from every branch of the US military into detailed work activity statements, soft skill profiles, knowledge summaries, and more.

✔︎ Create Work Ready Skill Profiles

Civilian hiring managers are often unfamiliar with MOS codes and military jargon. Warrior can be used by app developers to create powerful resume authoring tools and applicant intake features that understand the capabilities within military specializations.

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