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Enhance your app using SkillsEngine’s patented algorithms to surface meaningful insights with web-scalable APIs.

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Texas State Technical College
Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
Global University Systems

Realtime Text-to-Skills Translation

SkillsEngine’s data services analyze text and return collections of scored skill descriptors. Each endpoint is designed to address particular talent management and skill alignment challenges.

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Our Data Services

Developer Resources

Check out our comprehensive developer documentation.

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Intelligent algorithms

Go beyond simple text matching using deep-learning AIs purpose-built for understanding job postings, descriptions, resumes, and skill-related texts.

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Skills on tap

SkillsEngine's curated library of skills derived from millions of job postings and work-related data sources delivered directly to your workforce software via RESTful APIs

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Ready to scale

Craft next-gen skill and occupation-related software with cutting-edge services built on high performance cloud infrastructures and best of breed standards.

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Skill analytics in action

Utilizing our Skill Analytics APIs to create rich user experiences is simple. Don’t believe us? Check out our Builder demo and see for yourself.

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