Standards-Based Skills Taxonomy

Calibrate utilizes a modified extension of the well-established Department of Labor’s O*NET Content Model. This underlying framework provides a consistent organizing structure for making sense of skills information. SkillsEngine has created expanded collections of work activities, new soft skill categories and supportive behaviors, knowledge and detailed sub-knowledge domains, and a growing collection of tools and technologies. Curated data are vetted through intensive inter-rater reliability reviews under the supervision of industrial and occupational psychologists and SHRM-certified (Society for Human Resource Management) professionals.

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Detailed Work Activities

This category of skills describes how major units of time are organized on the job. Each statement is observable and produces results capable of being measured.

Workplace Essentials (a.k.a. Soft Skills)

This category of skills are specific behaviors and characteristics that demonstrate general strengths and describe important social skills needed to function in today's modern workplace. This category includes skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and other essential capabilities.

Knowledge Domains

This category of skills include principles, bodies of content, and facts generally applied within academic domains. These represent areas of specialization or expertise and can vary widely.

Tools & Technologies

All occupations involve some mix of tools, but certain fields are heavily tool-centric, such as information technology or healthcare. This category includes machines, equipment, tools, software, and technology used on the job.

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The Changing Nature of Skills

Job requirements are constantly changing. Make sure you are building with skills that matter.

New knowledges, abilities, tools, and techniques emerge over time while others become obsolete. Calibrate provides a collaborative gathering place to explore current and future skill requirements in close partnerships with educators, administrators, and employers.

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